Ignite your senses with the captivating artistry of Janet Liu. With a fiery passion for photography and videography, she possesses an extraordinary gift for capturing the ethereal magic of figure skating, the soulful connection between dogs and breathtaking landscapes, and the dynamic energy of corporate events.

Janet's talent shines brilliantly, evident by her work gracing the cover of "A Constraints-led Approach to Figure Skating Coaching," the definitive textbook by US Figure Skating Pairs Champion, Garrett Lucash. Her exquisite photographs have found their way into the esteemed pages of US Figure Skating's Skating magazine and The Skating Club of Boston's Ice Chips newsletters. Moreover, she has been entrusted as the official photographer for prestigious occasions such as US Figure Skating's Excel Camp and the esteemed International Skating Union's Grand Prix competition, Skate America, where she skillfully represented The Skating Club of Boston.

While Janet's lens captures the essence of figure skating, her love for the sport extends beyond her camera. As an adult skater, she has graced the ice and documented captivating performances for the Harvard University and MIT Figure Skating Clubs' shows. Her prowess in the Freeskate category propelled her to an impressive Top 10 placement at the highly regarded International Adult Competition in Oberstdorf, sanctioned by the ISU. Moreover, she proudly boasts a national medal in Showcase from Adult Nationals and an international medal in ice dancing from the prestigious Mountain Cup in Grenoble, France. Her artistry has even led her to proudly represent US Figure Skating as a valuable member of Team USA, showcasing her talent internationally with her remarkable Adult Theatre on Ice team, Imagica.

Janet's creative spirit extends beyond the ice rink and into the realm of corporate videography. Her mesmerizing visual storytelling has left an indelible mark, earning her the privilege of having her work featured on Microsoft's global LinkedIn account. This extraordinary blend of artistic vision and technical finesse has further solidified her reputation as a multifaceted force to be reckoned with.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Janet also holds the esteemed position of a software engineer at Microsoft, where her leadership as an area lead has shaped the digital landscape.

With a unique ability to merge creativity, technical expertise, and unwavering dedication, Janet Liu is an unparalleled artist who consistently delivers awe-inspiring results. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey as she masterfully captures the essence of your most cherished moments, infusing each frame with authenticity, emotion, and sheer brilliance.

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